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Novel Academy was an idea which was mooted and agreed upon by Ms Dorothy Molosiwa and Mr David Garwe in April 2019. The whole idea for this academy is to upgrade the learning systems in Bojanala district to a more efficient and cost effective ways. The academy will focus learners from National Certificate to Degree level. The centre seek to provide learners with E learning tools and great contact assistance from well experienced lecturers.

  • Dramatically re-engineer value added systems via mission
  • Our unique learning environment sparks physical growth
  • Discovery while our creative curriculum which combines
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The main focus for Novel Academy is to assist learners studying Financial Management and Office Admin with ICB. We work together with private companies and public institutions in an effort to provide hands on solutions in addressing the day to day challenges in business as a result of technological changes and dynamism in management We believe in a comprehensive approach; that is to become a part of our client’s business which enables us to appreciate the objective being strived towards; and most importantly being able to achieve the goals.

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Why Choose Novel Academy?

To be the best open learning centre in the southern Africa.

To improve the quality of training using forth industrial revolution tools.
To enable socially disadvantaged learners to attend lessons and graduate so that they can get the best employment to uplift themselves

Novel Academy will structure its operations, training and educational programs around the Core Values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

is a prerequisite for enhancing learning. Community members who respect themselves and others help create a safe, yet open, climate of learning.

is essential for an environment of learning. Those who are accountable stand by their words and actions, taking full responsibility for what they create and for what they contribute to the community.

is the root of success. Students who assume personal responsibility for their education will reach their goals. Responsible students also make contributions to their communities and Compassion is exhibited by showing concern for others.

is the fundamental purpose of higher education. The ability to solve problems through the application of the appropriate skills is critical to all disciplines


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